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  1. Hello,

    Fun to see the link from my blog here.

    Quick question, your software is awesome but I wanted to know if you would be possible to add an option to set the speed as does the software “Speed ​​Watcher Pro”. It would be great to have all the speed signs. There, so I use every day but I must lower my radio to adjust the speed (or silence my children). There is the option to raise or lower the limit of 5 in 5 km / h but it is relatively long when going from 50 to 90km / h.

    Thank you for your reply and good luck.

    ————— Google traduction

    Amusant de voir le lien de mon blog ici.

    Petite question, votre logiciel est extra mais j’aurai voulu savoir s’il vous serait possible de rajouter une option pour régler la vitesse comme le fait le logiciel “Speed Watcher Pro”. Ca serait très bien d’avoir tous les panneaux de vitesse. Là, je m’en sers donc tous les jours mais je dois baisser ma radio pour régler la vitesse ( ou faire taire mes enfants). Il y a l’option qui permet de monter ou descendre la limite de 5 en 5km/h mais cela est relativement long quand on passe de 50 à 90km/h.

    Merci pour votre réponse et bonne continuation.


  2. Hi Zig-Zag,

    it also always fun for me to see my software mentioned on some blog or forum :-)

    To answer your question: I decided agains using speed presets because there are just too many of them needed worldwide and with different vehicles – did you know that boats on rivers must not exceed 6 km/h? But I guess I have a solution for you: If voice recognition does not work due to radio or noisy children you go to settings to adjust the reaction of the software to a long click on the screen. It is then handled as: “Adjust the limit to the currently driven speed”. So you can just accelerate (or brake down) to the desired speed, long click and the software is set up. Good idea?



  3. Yes, this could be a good idea except that it would mean that if they run in 50km / h and that they arrive in a zone at 90 (city exit for instance) the time to arrive in 90km / h, the software beforehand regulated to 50 will howl. It will not be very practical, I find.

    Otherwise, would not it be possible to have several small panels of speed configurables? As it, in two clix they have the good regulated speed.

    Bye ;)

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